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Shield Gears

Shield FUR Gloves (Black)

Shield FUR Gloves (Black)

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Shield FUR Gloves (Black)

 Discover unparalleled comfort and convenience with the SHIELD FUR Gloves, designed to redefine your everyday riding experience. These short gloves are a testament to lightweight design, optimal functionality, and a commitment to reducing rider fatigue. Engineered for comfort and built to CE standards, the FUR Gloves are the essential choice for motorcycle enthusiasts who prioritize both style and safety.


  • Material: Streamlined Perforated Leather Chassis
  • Fit: Pre-Curved Compression-Based Finger Fit
  • Comfort: Lightweight and Convenient Design
  • Ease of Movement: Best-in-Class for Reduced Fatigue
  • Control: Total Motorcycle Control with Superb Tactile Feedback
  • Safety: Built According to CE Standards
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Key Features:

  • Everyday Comfort: The FUR Gloves are engineered to provide day-to-day comfort without compromising on style. Lightweight, convenient, and designed for regular use, these gloves are your perfect riding companion.
  • Optimal Fit: Enjoy the pre-curved compression-based finger fit that ensures best-in-class ease of movement. Say goodbye to fatigue after long rides, as these gloves are tailored for maximum comfort.
  • Streamlined Design: The streamlined perforated leather chassis not only enhances the aesthetics but also gives you total control of your motorcycle. Experience superb tactile feedback, allowing you to stay connected with your bike.
  • Essential Protection: Nothing but the essentials – the entire FUR glove is built according to CE standards, ensuring that safety is a priority without unnecessary bulk. Ride confidently, knowing your hands are protected.

Protection and Care:

  • Cleaning and Maintenance:
        • Wipe with a damp cloth for routine cleaning.
        • Use a mild leather cleaner for thorough cleaning.
        • Air dry naturally; avoid heat sources.
  • Conditioning:
        • Apply leather conditioner periodically to maintain suppleness.
        • Ensure gloves are clean before conditioning.
  • Weather Protection:
        • Avoid prolonged exposure to heavy rain.
        • If wet, air dry naturally; avoid heat sources.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals:
        • Steer clear of harsh chemicals or solvents.
        • Protect from petroleum-based products.
  • Storage and Inspection:
      • Store in a cool, dry place.
      • Regularly inspect for wear or damage.
      • Promptly address issues for prolonged durability.
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