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GIVI B32N Monolock® Top Case

GIVI B32N Monolock® Top Case

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GIVI B32N Monolock® Top Case is lightweight, despite being made of super-tough and long-lasting PP (polypropylene), making it easy for you to detach and carry off the motorcycle.

 The B32N Bold is the best choice if you want simple and compact hard luggage.


  • LIMITED EDITION top case commemorating 2,000,000 GIVI cases in the market.
  • Each case has a serial number up to a maximum of 10,000 only (for the Malaysian market).
  • Gold panel and special 2 Million Celebration badge.
  • 32-litre Monolock®  Top Case.
  • Can carry up to 5kg (depending on the rack).
  • Space for one full-face helmet plus other small items.
  • Shell is made of strong and long-lasting proprietary Technopolymer®.
  • Material is also UV-test and does not fade over time.
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