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Shark Helmets



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The Shark Spartan has a nice streamlined and yet super cool appearance, so that the Shark has once again succeeded in putting a unique and beautiful helmet on the market. The Spartan is not only beautiful, but also a thoroughly developed helmet hence the 1.2 version. While designing, a lot of attention was paid to every part to make the helmet even more streamlined and quieter. Shark has made every effort to make the new model even better than the previous one, with the aim of guaranteeing the optimum streamline and noise reduction.

The helmet has double spoilers on the back of the helmet that ensure good stability and streamline of the helmet. These spoilers have "air extractors" that ensure a constant air flow in the helmet, so that the helmet stays nice and cool inside.

As we are used to from Shark, the Spartan also has many extras. The Spartan, for example, has a visor with Max Vision pinlock preparation, so that you maintain an excellent and maximum field of vision when you have built in the pinlock lens. The internal sun visor of the Spartan is ideal in summer and on winter days with low sun. The helmet is just like many other shark helmets equipped with shark Easyfit system, making the helmet also extremely suitable for people wearing glasses.

The Spartan is prepared for the Sharktooth communication system. Thanks to this preparation, the communication system can be integrated and fits seamlessly into the helmet.

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