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Shield Gears

Shield GT Gloves

Shield GT Gloves

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The Shield GT Gloves can be considered the Semi Touring glove par excellence. Perfect for sport, roadster, and supermoto riding. Creating a brand-new style that’s even more efficient. Designed for high-performance connoisseurs looking for a level of protection equivalent to that found on high-end racing gloves, without the bulk, it promises optimal protection of the ulna. With its palm that includes a leather digital reinforcement, it offers optimal grip under all circumstances.

Full-grain cowhide construction (topside) for durability for suppleness.

Ventilated TPU metacarpal-knuckle protective shells.

KNOX® patented Sport SPS (Scaphoid Protection System) includes two specially developed sliders attached to the palm to enable the gloves to slide smoothly on contact with the ground, instead of gripping the impact surface and subsequently reducing hyper-extension of the wrist and potential scaphoid injuries.

Outer stitching on the fingers

Closure system with Velcro® tab and leather on/off pull tab.

Anti-twist accordion band between the ring and little fingers in order to limit the risk of fingers being pulled apart if you fall.

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