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Shield Gears

Shield Street Glove

Shield Street Glove

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Introducing the Shield Street Gloves, your ultimate companion for urban motorcycle touring. Engineered for both style and safety, this glove seamlessly blends fashion-forward design with cutting-edge protective features. Whether you're navigating city streets or embarking on a thrilling urban adventure, the Shield Street Glove is your trusted partner on the open road.

 Gear up for your next urban adventure with the Shield Street Gloves – where safety meets style in every ride. Ride confidently, ride comfortably, and ride with Shield.

  • Stretch Fabric Construction: Crafted with a stretch fabric construction, the Shield Street Glove provides a lightweight design that ensures maximum comfort during those long urban rides. The fabric also offers excellent breathability, keeping your hands cool and comfortable in any riding conditions.

  • Moulded Knuckle Protection: Your safety is our priority. The Shield Street Glove features molded knuckle protection, offering a robust defense against impacts and abrasions. Ride with confidence, knowing your hands are well-protected.

  • Kaitai Suede Palm: The glove is equipped with a Kaitai suede palm, enhancing abrasion resistance and providing a secure grip on your motorcycle's handlebars. The durability of the material ensures longevity, making it an ideal choice for urban touring adventures.

  • Shield Reinforcement on the Palm: Experience superior impact protection with the Shield reinforcement on the palm. This additional layer is strategically placed to absorb shocks and enhance overall safety, making it an indispensable feature for riders who prioritize protection.

  • Touchscreen Compatibility: Stay connected on the go with the touchscreen-compatible fingertips on the index and thumb. Access your devices without removing your gloves, adding convenience to your urban touring experience.

  • Trendsetting Urban Touring Style: Stand out on the streets with the trendsetting urban touring style of the Shield Street Glove. The design is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, reflecting your unique personality and passion for motorcycle touring.

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