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AXOR Retro Jet Queen Helmet

AXOR Retro Jet Queen Helmet

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Get ready to embrace the summer vibes with the Axor Queen helmet, This helmet features an Open Face Jet design, allowing you to enjoy the warm summer breeze. With a bubble peak, you have the option to pair it with cool and stylish summer glasses, adding a touch of flair to your ride. Embrace the spirit of adventure and celebrate Women's Day in style with Axor Queen Helmet. Let your personality shine through with the vibrant color.

Product Description

To give a tribute to the women out there AXOR launches the Queen helmet as a symbol of women empowerment and strength. The vibrant color of the helmet signifies the confidence of the modern woman who is not only ruling her kingdom (home) but has now become the global woman leading businesses across the globe.
The bold statement - I AM ENOUGH on the helmet speaks a lot more about the Queen who owes this crown!
Grab your riding crown now and give yourself the freedom it deserves.


• The Open Face Helmet boasts an advanced ventilation system.
• Built to keep riders cool and fresh during long rides.
• Refreshing and breathable riding experience, even in scorching weather conditions.
• Ensures a well-ventilated ride throughout your journey.

Features and Standards

• Shell: The outer shell is made up of ABS for high-impact protection.
• Impact Protection: High-Density EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) liner for better impact absorption.
• Certification: ISI & DOT certified
• Comfort: Comfort liner is made from a high-quality suede leather fabric characterized by its smooth surface with chrome beading that is comfortable for long rides
• Chin Strap: Adjustable nylon chin strap with cushions offers better grip and enhanced comfort. Easy to operate micrometric and lock is provided for locking support.
• Peak: The bubble peak is made up of ABS material for enhanced protection from sun Rays.
• Comes with the mauve shade lipstick. (Expiry Date-August 2026 )

Standards FMVSS 218:
• Testing includes energy attenuation
• Penetration resistance
• Chin strap structural integrity
• All above tested under 4 different conditions(Hot, Cold, Submerging, and Ambient)

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