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Chain Lube
Chain Lubrication


It is a premium chain cleaner formulated from a carefully selected blend of solvent and surface-active agent that removes moisture, oil, carbon, waxy sludge, dirt, mud, or any other contaminations effectively from the chain.

  • Promotes silent and smooth movement of automotive chains
  • Removes surface contamination, dirt, dust, waxy substrates, oil, grease, mud, etc. from surfaces
  • Offers good resistance to moisture, dirt, dust, fluff etc.
  • Safe for use on chains with Rubber 0 rings.
  • Leaves no Oily residues on the surface thereby avoiding the process of rinsing or wiping etc.
  • Non-Conductive, non- Corrosive and Chemically stable
  • Product does not contain any flourinated, or Chlorinated or any other ozone depleting chemical.
  • Automobile ( Starter Motors, Drive Chains, Car locks, Spark plugs, Door Hinges, Push back and tilting systems)
  • Industrial (Overhauling machinery, crane hook bearings and wheels, Lubricates and opens jammed bearings, Loosens jammed nuts and bolts, Power tools, Jigs & fixtures.)
  • Ordnance ( Guns, Precision fitting, Linkages )
  • Electrical Equipment (Alternators, Motors, Relays, Circuit Breakers, Fuses, Potentiometer Relays, Switch gears, etc.)
  • Pneumatic Systems (Sticky solenoid valves, Clogged needle valves, Automatic valves & cylinders)
  • Household (Drawers, Hinges, Pins, Sliding Contact at Windows, Sewing Machines, etc.)
  • Domestic (Mixers and Grinders, Hand Tools, Washing Machines, Collapsible Grills, Folding Chairs and Tables, TV, Radio and Taperecorder tuners, etc.)
  • General Purpose (Sliding Windows and door channels, Locks, Switches, Bicycle chains and sprockets, rolling shutters, elevator doors, etc.)