Sena 10C Evo Bluetooth Headset with 4K Camera

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  • One-touch recording on the fly.
  • Never miss a moment with the Sena 10C EVO Bluetooth Headset and Camera.
  • Simply touch a single button to activate a video tag.
  • Video Tagging allows you to save your storage space for capturing only the moments that make your ride—while dramatically reducing editing time. When activated, Video Tagging saves 60 seconds of past, present, and future footage to give you three one-minute clips that capture the event and the context in which it happened.
  • The 10C EVO’s compact, aerodynamic design is optimized for helmets as it hugs close to the outer shell. This results in reduced wind resistance and noise, improving your audio experience. In comparison to other similar camera systems, the design is slender yet the performance excels where it matters, with up to 20 hours of talk time and 1.5 hours of video recording.
  • Capture video in 4K at 30 frames per second or take photos in still shot, burst, or time-lapse mode.
  • The camera button allows for simple one-touch recording while Voice Prompts keep you updated on the camera’s progress. With video tagging, you can save important events from a continuous loop of video recording, instantly creating highlights.
  • As for storage, the 10C EVO accepts MicroSD cards up to 128 GB. Integrated Bluetooth communication and audio narration.
  • The ideal moto-vlogging tool, the 10C mixes audio from the intercom and music from your smartphone into your video as it happens.
  • This allows you to narrate your footage and capture the authenticity of the moment, while reducing the need for follow-up soundtrack editing.

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