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Schuberth E1 Matt Black Helmet


  • The Schuberth E1 Adventure Helmet offers adventure riders a premium modular helmet designed to perform when the ride leaves the pavement.
  • The Schuberth design team developed the E1 in Schuberth
  • The comfort of a flip-up helmet.
  • The look & feel of a modern adventure helmet.
  • The safety of a Schuberth helmet.
  • On the way to work or to the seaside – whichever way you take, the new E1 by SCHUBERTH lets you concentrate entirely on what’s in front of you.
  • Let the others use the trodden paths.
  • The innovative dual sports helmet for enduro touring and adventure bike riders offers the highest comfort, flexibility and safety for on- and offroading.
  • A complex air channel system on the inside of the helmet shell provides a comfortable air flow.
  • The head aeration leads the air into the helmet for circulation. The visor aeration prevents the visor screen misting-up.
  • The large regulatable auxiliary aeration on the chin piece gives you space to breathe on demanding tours. It adds fresh air by the litre when it really counts.
  • The chin piece of the E1 can be swivelled up as a single piece together with the visor and shield.
  • The shield can be fixed in three different positions.
  • The visor can be used independently from the shield.

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