Rynox Gears

Rynox Gears is one of the Premium brands in India that is loved by all Motorcycle enthusiast.

The Brand for All Your Protective Riding Gear Needs. Premium Protective Riding Jackets with CE Level 2 Protection. 6 months warranty.

  1. Jackets with L1 and L2 Knox protection.
  2. Gloves with CE Certified protection and better fabric for abrasion resistance.
  3. Pants with CE Certified L1 Protection.
  4. Luggage with CE Certified protection and waterproof and storm proof finish.

We are amongst you all! We ride and do not let go a chance when we see an opportunity to go on short tour (But of late, unfortunately, we are compelled to give a few of them a miss!). Rynox was infact born when 3 such passionate riders met; each of them came with their own set of diverse riding preferences, experiences and their favorite riding routes and destinations (which we still quarrel upon like babies when we plan our ride together).

“Quality is not an act. It is a habit”. This is the exact notion that we follow at Rynox Gears. As a part of our job, we have made a habit of keeping ourselves updated on raw materials, technology, etc that our Indian and International market has to offer in helping us make a better product for our customers. For us, it has always been quality over price i.e. expand a tad bit to get the right material. This is how we function!

All Rynox Jackets comes with 50,000 worth of Insurance. That can be claimed in Rynox website after buying from Motogear Performance.

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